Bio-Solv : Paint Remover

Powerful, Green Paint Remover

Whether you’re cleaning paint guns, brushes, rollers or lines at the end of the day or preparing a surface for a coat of paint, you need a powerful solvent cleaner to get the job done right. Preparing a surface is especially important to ensure proper coating integrity and longevity. According to our friends at Sherwin-Williams, up to 80% of all coatings failures can be directly attributed to inadequate surface preparation, which affects coating adhesion.

Until now, companies have had to rely on toxic and highly flammable petroleum based solvents, such as acetone, xylene, methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), toluene, and lacquer thinners, for cleanup and removal of paint, grease, oil, tar, glaze, varnish, and adhesives. These traditional solvents are expensive to store, handle and dispose of, and are harmful to the employees who use them.

Introducing Bio-Solv – A Green Paint Remover Solvent

Bio-Solv, a 100% bio-based, non-toxic green cleaner is a powerful paint remover and surface preparation solvent replacement. With a 750Kb cleaning value, Bio-Solv is five times stronger than traditional solvents, without harmful and expensive chemicals. Use it for cleanup and removal of paint, grease, oil, tar, glaze, varnish, adhesives, contact cement, enamel, and Sharpie marks. Bio-Solv can be used on a number of surfaces including fiberglass, plastic, wood, steel, and aluminum without leaving a residue.

With its low evaporation rate and high cleaning power you will find you use less Bio-Solv on your large projects than with petroleum based solvents. Bio-Solv is also easily recycled though simple filtering or distilled for repeated reuse. Don’t be surprised to find that Bio-Solv will last 10X longer than conventional solvents — costing you considerably less over time.

Fortune 500 Companies including Sign Manufacturers, Furniture Manufacturers, Cabinet Refinishers, Automotive Painters and Boat Builders use Bio-Solv to:
  • Clean rollers, brushes, lines and paint guns
  • Clean work surfaces and floors
  • Prepare surfaces before bonding, painting, etc. (Bio-Solv leaves no residue)
  • Reduce health and safety hazards for employees
  • Eliminate costly storage, handling and disposal fees
  • Comply with new carbon emission standards
  • Reduce operating expenses