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Black Bear boating and leisure was born from the fact that MAS epoxies and Chinawind yachts were growing and we were and are recognised in both the boat repair and boat building field’s and in the composite and high end technology arena. But this is not the whole picture, we have always been interested in the good quality alternative that makes life easier and better.

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Deep Pour Epoxy

From: £138.52
To: £358.97

Bristol Finish Traditional Amber - Large

£145.84 Excl. VAT

£175.01 Incl. VAT

Bristol Finish Traditional Amber - Small

£48.26 Excl. VAT

£57.91 Incl. VAT

Bristol Finish Traditional Amber

From: £48.26
To: £145.84

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Our products are not just for your boating needs, contact us to find out what else you can use our products for.

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Sep 30th 2017

What is Amine Blush?

Modern epoxies v tradional older style blushing or waxing epoxy Firstly we need to identify what is blushing or waxing. Blushing /waxing is a result of a chemical reaction wi...

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