Our Price Promise

We aim to deliver you the very best quality product at the best price.

20 Years Experience

After testing numerous brands we found MAS to be the most reliable and consistent on the market.

It’s simply the best

Your Satisfaction

If you need any help or advice you can contact us and speak to someone with over 20 years epoxy experience.

UK. EU. Delivery

We can deliver throughout the U.K E.U using a door to door delivery

Reasons for using Epoxy.Ltd

Epoxy.Ltd was born from the fact that MAS epoxies and Chinawind yachts were growing and we were and are recognised in both the boat repair and boat building field’s and in the composite and high end technology arena.

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Did You Know

Our products are not just for your boating needs, contact us to find out what else you can use our products for.

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What Our Customers Say

Over the years I have used Pete and MAS epoxy for all my work. MAS is my go to product.

John. Norfolk

Epoxy ltd are great, I phoned with a problem they sorted my order out and put me onto Deep Penetrating Epoxy this stuff is like water it soaked into the fibres on my old timber and turned it hard giving years more life. thanks guys

Roger. Gloucester

I purchased Biosolv online after talking to Pete from epoxy ltd. I have used it in my power parts washer it has been brilliant, the nice thing is I was able to warm it up without it evaporating and it turned from a good degreaser to an awesome one. Buying Biosolv again.

Dave. Leicester

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