Junior our 1950’s yachting monthly dinghy

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Junior was donated to us as a wreak fit only for the fire, but we could see that MAS epoxy products could be used to save her and give her new life s a training dinghy for scouts etc

Junior arrived on a trailer that had seen better days like her.

Trailer failed to make it
The trailer that junior was on collapsed

First job was remove all screws and replace with dante dowels

IMG 20170728 115001936
IMG 20170728 131212511
never remove all the old paint until you are ready and able to protect the hull straight away
IMG 20170819 120129764 BURST001
the small ding marks are the plastic nails we used along with the dante dowels

IMG 20170820 121707071
IMG 20170820 140246183 BURST001

Then we removed all the old paint, most fell off

IMG 20170820 140300041
IMG 20180415 124219
All the paint removed and ready for taping and a cloth coat over the whole hull

IMG 20170831 125018080
screws taken out and replaced with mas flag epoxy workshop mix and dante dowels

IMG 20180415 124256 1
Soft areas were cleaned out and repaired with MAS flag epoxy and workshop mix
IMG 20180422 105626
All joints were taped using biax tape and low vis resin with slow hardeners
Junior with all the old screws removed dante pegs used now with reinforcement bandage applied using MAS low vis and slow hardener
re taping, this was done with a much wider and thicker tape than when she was originally built
IMG 20180520 195955
The centre line back bone was strengthened with 4 layers of cloth and tape, you can see where the original screws have been replaced
junior laying on of reinforcement bandage over centre line using MAS low vis and slow hardener
initial lay up of cloth I was not stingy with the mas low vis epoxy

IMG 20180422 105541 BURST003
The whole hull was then over covered with 300 grade bi ax cloth using MAS Low Vis resin and slow hardener
clothing completed on our 1950's junior dinghy
junior completely clothed
IMG 20180415 145456
this is just the cloth and epoxy no other finish yet
IMG 20180422 105621
starting to gentle sand the cured epoxy to give a key for the paint

IMG 20180517 122942
first top coat
IMG 20180517 122956
second top coat

Junior our 1950'sdinghy paint job 2
the paint job on our 1950’s dinghy saved from fire by the use of MAS epoxies thispaint was later polished
This was the final paint job on junior
Final paint job

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