Bio-Solv : FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Bio-Solv Cleaning Solvent

What is Bio-Solv made from?

Bio-Solv is an Ethyl Lactate blend — 100% plant based solvent, derived mostly from corn.

What does Bio-Solv’s kB value mean?

The Kauri-butanol value (“Kb value”) is an international, standardized measure of solvent power for a hydrocarbon solvent, and is governed by an ASTM standardized test, ASTM D1133. The result of this test is a scaleless index, usually referred to as the “Kb value”. A higher Kb value means the solvent is more aggressive or active in the ability to dissolve certain materials. Mild solvents have low scores in the tens and twenties; powerful solvents like chlorinated solvents and “High Sol 10” or “High Sol 15” (naphthenic aromatic solvents) have ratings in that are in the low hundreds. Bio-Solv’s Kb rating is 750, indicating that it is a powerful cleaning agent.

Does Bio-Solv release VOCs into the atmosphere?

Yes. However, Bio-Solv does not contain or release hazardous air pollutants “HAPs” or toxic air pollutants “TAPs” into the air. All solvents, chemicals, coatings, and fuels that evaporate and are made of compounds that contain carbon are volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Current concerns are centered on the “Carbon Footprint” and the amount of carbon or VOCs released into our air because VOC emissions are linked to SMOG, air pollution and global warming.

What is a HAP? Does Bio-Solv contain HAPs?

Hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) are chemicals that can cause adverse effects on human health or the environment and are released by certain cleaning solvents like acetone and methyl ethyl ketone(MEK). Congress has identified over 188 HAPs which include pollutants that cause cancer, neurological, respiratory, and reproductive effects. Bio-Solv does not contain HAPs.

Why is Bio-Solv considered carbon neutral?

Plants use a process called photosynthesis to convert sunlight and carbon dioxide into sugars for growth. When alcohols and chemicals produced from plants evaporate, they release carbon previously absorbed by the plants back into the atmosphere. Theoretically, there is no new carbon load added to the atmosphere. This process appears to produce safer, green solvents than those formulated from chemicals and fuels developed from fossil fuels. Petroleum based solvents like acetone and methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) add new carbon to the atmosphere that was previously locked in “storage” within the earth.

Is Bio-Solv a HAZMAT?

Many traditional cleaning solvents are classified as Hazardous Materials and considered dangerous to people and the environment. Bio-Solv is not a HAZMAT (up to volumes of 55 gallons), and therefore does not require special handling, shipping, storage, spill remediation, or disposal.

Is Bio-Solv toxic?

None of the ingredients in Bio-Solv are toxic, which means using Bio-Solv cleaning solvent provides for safer workplace and a healthier environment. California has developed a Proposition 65 List of chemicals that can cause cancer, reproductive toxicity, or pose other serious health concerns. Many traditional solvents contain ingredients included on this list.

Can I use Bio-Solv without gloves?

Bio-Solv is a powerful cleaning solvent and will remove the oils from your skin which may cause irritation. As with any solvent cleaner, skin and eye protection are recommended. You should always use cleaning solvents in a well ventilated area.

Is Bio-Solv flammable?

The Department of Transportation (DOT) and other agencies that regulate the safety, transportation, and storage of chemicals have a classification system for liquids that considers the material’s flash point to determine how easily it burns. Bio-Solv, up to volumes of 55 gallons, is not classified flammable due to its high flash point of 133 °F.

How do I recycle Bio-Solv?

Bio-Solv’s low vapor pressure and evaporation rate allow for easy solvent recycling through mechanical filtering. Parts washing systems and paint gun cleaning systems that capture “dirty” solvent and filter it for reuse are readily available. Our patented Bio-Solv Tool Cleaning Station is ideal for cleaning tools up to 7″. For larger projects we recommend the BECCA Solvent Distillation Recyclers.