Bio-Solv : Plant Maintenance

Green Cleaner for Maintenance, Repair & Operations

Keeping floors, equipment and general surroundings in a factory clean can be a tough job, particularly if you’re dealing with paint, ink, resin, adhesive or other material that just won’t come off with a general cleaner. Until now, companies have had to rely on toxic and highly flammable petroleum based solvents, such as acetone, xylene, methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), toluene, and lacquer thinners, for cleanup and removal of paint, grease, oil, tar, glaze, varnish, and adhesives. These traditional solvents are expensive to store, handle and dispose of, and are harmful to the employees who use them.

Introducing Bio-Solv – A Green Solvent Replacement

Unlike many green cleaners, which contain water and lack the power to eliminate hard to remove substances, Bio-Solv is the exception. Our 100% bio-based green solvent contains no water and delivers a 750Kb cleaning value, making it tough on substances, including paint, polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy resin, contact cement, varnish, and enamel.

Bio-Solv is also a non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning product which means it’s a safer solvent for your employees to handle than traditional solvents such as acetone, IPA, MEK, MPK, mineral spirits, TCE (US EPA ruled carcinogen), PERC, methylene chloride, and HCFCs.

With its low evaporation rate and high cleaning power you will find you use less Bio-Solv on your large cleaning projects than with petroleum based solvents. Bio-Solv is also easily recycled though simple filtering or distillation for repeated reuse. You should not be surprised to find that Bio-Solv will last 10X longer than conventional solvents – and cost you considerably less over time.

Many Fortune 500 companies use Bio-Solv in their factories to:
  • Clean & Degrease Parts, Tool & Equipment
  • Flush Paint Guns, Lines & Rollers
  • Clean Printing Equipment
  • Clean Tanks
  • Clean Floors & Surfaces
  • Reduce health and safety hazards for employees