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I have received a lot of negative feedback on our postage costs.

Here are the simple reasons for this cost update, as a company we have swallowed postage costs only charging a fraction of the actual costs, however, because we send chemicals we have to declare them and they come in the HAZCHEM labeling format so many carriers will not take them.

As many of you know, many companies offer free shipping, the truth is there is no such thing and the cost is built into the pricing. if we did this it would mean that most of our customers would pay more as they order more than one item, which is excellent for us but unfair to many of our customers.

So we have continued with our single-priced post rate that allows any amount to be sent anywhere in the mainland UK and does not include highlands and islands.

It is still cheaper than you coming to us and collecting, but as we have always said the cleverest people come and have tea and biscuits and walk away having been shown how to do things and normally a little extra.

Why the reason for the increase? Our carriers charge us the same as last year but they now add on surcharges for fuel, running through areas that have charges, even if you don’t live in such an area the consignment has gone through them on its journey and we get hit by hidden charges for the use of plastics.

All I can say is we are sorry but these costs did not come from us and are added because we have no choice

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