Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments Epoxy has become the no one repair medium to the furniture and musical instrument market. Old things, unfortunately suffer with use, wether its damage in moving or damage through use.

Older epoxy were great in the industrial market, they are very strong but they had some draw backs in that they were not so simple to use, they developed blushing or wax which has to be removed and they had no or relatively little flex.

Modern epoxies. MAS low vis and FLAG fall into this category are non blushing and being a 2 too 1 mix are very easy to use and with out additives they still retain a good flex and stretch.

Furniture repairs can be done with the lightest of clamping ensuring delicate furniture is not bruised and with carful planing many items can be repaired in situ, using methods such as injection or colour molding.

(MAS low vis and flag epoxy can be coloured and toned by using artist tube acrilic paint. With careful mixing, exact colour matches can be achived.)

Musical instruments can be repaired in much the same way. A big advantahe of using epoxy is that items such as pick ups and other metal objects can be successfully added to musical instuments with causing damage to the main structure, sound boxes can be repaired and in some cases sound modified by the tightening of the material of the sound box by layering epoxy to the body.