Reasons for using Epoxy.Ltd

Here at we only supply what we use in the workshop, if we have not used it we don’t sell it(*).

If you need help you will get it from someone who has used epoxy in construction for at least 20 years, we also have access to one of the best factory labs and an excellent scientific team based in the USA

Our main stay epoxies, low vis and flag are caster oil based and we find they are workshop friendly in that there is no waxing or blushing they are great to use as a wet out product for glass cloth chopped mat and carbon fiber. Should you get these products on your skin you do not develop sensitivity to the product and it can be easily removed with washing up liquid (we add a little granulated sugar to the washing up liquid)

We do however recommend gloves.

Using our slow hardener we do not get pot fires or similar overheating.

Our main benefit of MAS Epoxy apart from its sector leading ability to wet out cloth  and make market leading structural bonds, is its ease of mixing and the ability to blend hardeners to match your work time and particular project.

(* art resin is not used in the workshop)