MAS Deep Penetrating Epoxy Sealer

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Here at Epoxy ltd, we deal with MAS epoxies because they are simply the best they do what they are supposed to do with no messing. we live by two words Simple Perfection is our trademark. Deep Penetrating is exactly that a 100% solid-based epoxy that penetrates deep into the timber to strengthen and stabilize

We can help you if you have ever experienced incomplete curing from other penetrating epoxy systems.

Our MAS Epoxies Penetrating Epoxy Sealer is solvent-free (100% solids) so you know you are going to get penetrating power and a complete cure. It also means that our Penetrating Epoxy is VOC-Free, which brings our customers peace of mind.

Epoxy resins like our Penetrating Epoxy System are ideal for repairs because of their strength and waterproofing characteristics.

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MAS Epoxies Deep Penetrating epoxy resin sealer MAS Epoxies has developed a deep penetrating epoxy sealer that has the consistency of water Deep penetrating epoxy sealer has been designed to repair wood and grp without ripping lumps out and making work. Designed to transform soft and rotten wood back into a hard composite material that can be glued worked and finished with all modern paints and varnishes Deep Penetrating Epoxy sealer is one of the wonder products from MAS epoxies designed to make life easier.

Made from 100 % solids, so no thinner or solvent to evaporate off meaning you get a good job time after time, no part complete cures.

Deep Penetrating epoxy will give your work its strength back and like all MAS epoxies make it waterproof as well There are no VOC in MAS Deep Penetrating just 100 % solids See the articles on saving our 1954 Yachting Monthly Junior.

All the deck plywood was saved using deep penetrating epoxy giving us solid timbers to work with fix rotten timbers seals and fills voids Window sills Deck repair Door frames Transom reinforcement And anywhere else you would like to restore rotten wood Wood needs deep penetrating epoxy Deep penetrating epoxy sealer has a unique penetrating formula that has made it the leader in penetrating epoxies currently on the market.

This can be improved even more by adding denatured alcohol, paint solvent such as lacquer thinner etc The mixed epoxy hardener mix can be diluted by an equal amount of solvent this improves penetration of MAS Deep Penetrating Epoxy Sealer up to 100%.

PROPERTIES Initial mixed viscosity at 75 degrees F 150 cp Viscosity Hardener 20 cp at 75 degrees F Viscosity Resin 270 cp at 75 degrees F Mix ratio by volume two parts resin to one part hardener Cure times at 75 degrees F tack free 25 to 30 min gel approximately 15 min full cure 4 days Colour clear

Epoxy.Ltd will deliver any paid for goods in the quickest possible way, usual delivery is 2/3 days however were we are sending goods overseas (this means across any water) this period may be extended up to two weeks or longer at the company’s discretion.

The company has an ongoing belief that good customers expect and deserve a top class service.
In the UK, any problem reported to us on delivery will be dealt with in the following manner:

  • Faulty product, automatic replacement on return of goods to the company.
  • Faulty product reported after 24 hours from delivery, product replaced after testing by the company, provided fault was found
  • Refunds are discretionary to the company and are made if there is a fault with any goods sold
  • Any goods that are wrongly ordered by the customer will be replaced subject to a 20% restocking charge (discretional to the company)
  • Overseas and anywhere the company has to pay a surcharge on delivery (overseas means across any water)
  • The company will only replace faulty goods on a like for like basis and only once the faulty goods are returned to the company
  • Wrongly ordered goods will only be refunded, once they are returned to the company in a good saleable condition, overseas postage is not refundable under any condition (overseas means across any water or were the company has to pay any surcharge on delivery) any remaining refund will be subject to a 30% re stocking fee
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2 reviews for MAS Deep Penetrating Epoxy Sealer


Barry wales I used this on my doors and windows great stuff and the people at are so helpful

Rated 5 out of 5


Another happy customer in Scotland. I’ve used MAS for years, from Pete at Black Bear/… The best to work with! NO stink. NO skin irritation. Easy to mix 2:1 and 1:1. Partly veg based too, I think. And dont forget the Biosolv thinner, cleaner, solvent all in one. If like me you suffer from breathing/skin trouble with glues, solvents etc, this is the stuff for you. Great service from, too. Thanks very much!


    thank you pol it means a lot to get these recommendations

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