MAS Epoxy Workshop Mix

This is a blend of standard commonly used additives mixed at a set ratio to give the best results in gluing fairing and filleting.

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MAS Epoxies Work Shop Mix (WSM)

This is a blend of standard commonly used additives mixed at a set ratio to give the best results in gluing fairing and filleting.

The mix contains silica , cellulose fibers and wood flour and is what is used as the main additive within the china wind workshop.

China Wind Yachts & Black Bear boating use this as a bulking agent to create peanut butter and ketchup mixes, as a filleting compound around bulkheads etc and as a fairing compound where there is an expectation of harsh wear

CWY BBB also use it when laminating up there hulls they force the mix through pre drilled holes in each laminate this stops air pockets and the worms when they are sanded clean become epoxy nails further adding strength to the bond between the two sheets

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