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We have been having increasing success with our use of Biosolv our replacement for Acetone, MEK, Toluene , white spirit, and gun wash.

I started to use Biosolv in the workshop as a direct replacement for MEK which we were using to clean up our epoxy. What I didn’t like about MEK was that it evaporates so quick and was a constant worry for sources of ignition, when I went into the unit in the morning the MEK had to the most part evaporated off leaving a sticky mess  that meant our brushes and tools were ruined  and we should have just thrown them out, because to a degree that’s what we were doing.

I changed over to Biosolv and the first thing I noticed was that the solution did not evaporate off like MEK and the others I was using from Hempel paints and International coatings.

So this left us with clean brushes , whether we were using paint varnish or epoxy, the next thing was that by leaving it in the jug it would clear and we could  decant the clear fluid off to re use and reuse over and over again.

When we went over to airless spraying , I was concerned about cleaning out over 40 feet of hose, especially as we use two pack and epoxy coatings. The Biosolv has been great we simply flush it through with water to push through any residual paint. we then flush through with Biosolv  into a tank or bucket. This wash out we keep let it settle and reuse as a primary flush before using a fresh amount of Biosolv prior to flushing through with the storage fluid, if we are using the machine again then we leave the Biosolv in the machine.

Our spray gun tips just get dumped into a container of Biosolv and when we are ready we fish out the one we need and off we go.

I like the fact that over time Biosolv we completely disappear  so cleaning down work we know we are getting a truly clean surface, we can increase the speed of this with a airline.

In our parts cleaning wash tank we now use Biosolv and have found that by heating it slightly  it gives amazing results very quickly

We never lose paintbrushes to hardening due to poor clean up and this means we buy better brushes which gives us a better result on our finishes

Bristol work boats recently reported back to us that they have been using Biosolv to remove the cement when repairing inflatable boats and servicing of liferafts  it removes the excess glue every time.

To our friends in the graffiti removal business around the country thank you for your feedback and continued support, Biosolv is loved because of its safer working  module in that if spilt it can be dissolved/diluted with tap water and if it is washed into the ground then it breaks down and is removed by ants etc as sugar and starch so preserving our environment

Would we go back to conventional cleaners degreasers the firm answer is NO

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