Moving The Hull Part 2

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moving the hull

Once we had our roadway done and had formed a plane, we needed to jack the boat up off the floor and support it on our two caterpillars

IMG 20190623 145728

IMG 20190623 145728

IMG 20190623 145627

Once the build frame was supported on the caterpillar we could think about pulling her out of the workshop for the first time. This was going to be done by using the winch on the front of the range rover using a two part purchase. I was still not convinced that I would be able to get it to move.

We did move it 2 inches this first day just to prove to myself that it would indeed move

IMG 20190712 104053

IMG 20190714 111110

once we had the winch wire rigged it was time to see if we could move it out

IMG 20190714 110406

IMG 20190714 110419

slowly and I mean very slowly we winched out into the sunshine

IMG 20190714 111629

IMG 20190714 111621

IMG 20190714 111621 1

Then we were there outside was not sure how I Felt at this point, couple of old boys and a small winch and we had moved it without injuring anyone

IMG 20190714 112031

IMG 20190714 112030

IMG 20190714 111119

IMG 20190714 111118

What was learnt, have lots of bottle jacks we had 6 rated at 12 tons

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