Moving The Hull part 3 outside

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Well the move of the hull outside did go easier than expected and our multi wheeled caterpillar worked great and we were out in the sunshine

IMG 20190714 214203 1

Our next plan was to actually rotate the hull and have it right way up. I did not want to have the hull on the ground and I did not want it damaged.

The idea was to erect a quarter hamster wheel around the hull so as it tipped it would rotate on the wheel and not the hull and ground.

IMG 20190719 102015

IMG 20190719 102026

The turning frames were attached and we used the holes for the ballast keel to bolt them to the hull, we then connected them with 2 by 4 making a big tyer to spread the load.

IMG 20190719 110558
Tested by using fat man 

The frame was supported off the hull according to the best laid plans this should work and the turn should go sweetly.

IMG 20190719 121304

IMG 20190719 121254

IMG 20190719 110607
never look pleased you know it will go wrong

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