Using Epoxy to repair doors and Brickwork

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Our workshop has seen better times as far as the brick work is concerned. It has suffered with wind and water damage that has left the walls quiet weak and difficult to attach things to.

So now we are looking at strengthening and stopping the faces of the bricks being blown off.

On the last dry day we had I made a start using MAS low viscosity resin and because it was February I used fast hardener, firstly I marked out the area I need to fix the new door supports to and gave the brick work and the face of the timber that will be against the wall a good coat of MAS low viscosity epoxy with fast hardener.

Next we mixed up some MAS FLAG with some fast hardener and some workshop mix, this we got to a thick peanut butter goop and dropped large spoonfuls along the length of the timber that had to be stuck to the wall and along with a couple of steel bolts that we epoxied in, the first parts of the new door supports are up.

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