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As some of you are aware we had a bit of a disaster in turning over our 38-foot hull and it bounced off into the field. we had some crush damage to the hull side. I am pleased to say that the MAS epoxy (flag and low vis) did not fail but the plywood pulled apart under the battering.

MAS Low vis can be found here

The hull bounced and we had damage along the port side about 3 feet in length.

damage to hull
the hull damage from our turn over

So we needed to do some repair work this was done by forcing the wood fibers further apart using screwdrivers and wedges, we then mixed up some MAS low vis epoxy with slow hardener, we prewarmed the resin in the microwave before we added the hardener we used slow because of the added heat and we wanted the mix to infuse into the damage before it started to set off.

drilling out forcing apart damaged area
drilling out forcing apart damaged area

Note the hardwood strips these were clamped to the hull well past the damaged area to bring the shape back to the hull.

the epoxy mix was poured into splits and deep drilled holes
epoxy poured into damaged area

Once we had it well soaked out we clamped the area up and bob is your uncle all done and dusted.

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